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The Positive Impact of a Lighting Remodel

by Jennifer Weldon

Remodeling all of the lighting in your home can have dramatic effects. Lighting styles have changed significantly over the last few years and now is the time to take advantage of the technologies and choices on the market. There are many positive impacts to remodeling your lighting.

Financial/Re-Sale Impact

Remodeling your lighting can add value to your home. While you cannot expect to recoup all of the money you spend on new lighting fixtures and installation, it can make a difference to prospective buyers. New lighting can immediately transform and update a room. Your home will not appear as old as it may be if you have up to date and modern lighting throughout. Prospective buyers will take this into consideration when shopping for a new home and your home may sell quicker than a home with old and dated lighting.

Energy Impact

Remodeling the lighting in your home can also have positive impacts on your household energy use. New LED and CFL light fixtures and bulbs use significantly less energy than traditional lighting and bulbs to emit light. This will save on your monthly power bills. When thinking of lighting, also incorporate natural lighting into your home. You may want to enlarge windows, remove heavy window treatments, or install skylights in various rooms of your home. Natural sunlight can open up any room and eliminate the need for excessive lighting. When installing new windows choose lowE glass or other high rated energy efficient products. LowE glass blocks UV rays from entering your home, thus maintaining temperatures inside and preventing fading of furniture and fabrics. In your bathrooms you can install heating lights to warm the bathroom up while you are in the tub or shower. This will prevent you from cranking the heat up to warm up the bathroom.

Efficiency and Convenience

If you did not design and build your home, chances are the lighting isn't exactly where you need or want it to be. Even if you did design the lighting schematic with the electrician, needs change over time and it's hard to determine what your needs will be until you are living in the home. When you remodel your lighting you have an opportunity to not only place lights where you need them, but also choose switches for their convenience. For example, you want to be easily able to flip on the work lights over your kitchen island. For some lights, having a three-way switch installed would be convenient. This will allow you to control a single light from two switches, ideal for stairways or large rooms. You may wish that your reading lamp over your favorite chair could be controlled by a light switch. Your electrician can accommodate that for you when remodeling your lighting. You may be spending more time outside or have even renovated your patio into an outdoor entertaining area. Appropriate lighting should be installed to make full use of this area. Take inventory of the current lighting in your home and note where changes should be made for convenience and efficiency.


Another positive impact of remodeling your lighting is simply adding to the style of your home. After living in your home for some years, you have accumulating furniture and décor in a certain style. Your lighting may not reflect that same taste. By remodeling your lighting, you will be able to choose finishes and models that incorporate and blend into the décor of your home. Consistent lighting will help put a finishing touch on your home's decorating.

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