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Personalizing the Lighting in Your Home

by Alicia Rowe

Remodeling the lighting in your home can give it a dramatically different look. Lighting trends and technology have changed considerably recently, making now the perfect time to start considering a lighting upgrade. Remodeling your lighting also has other positive aspects outside of updating the look of your home.

Impacting Resale Value
Updating your lighting can certainly add value to your home. While you may not be able to recoup all of your expenses, modern lighting may make a difference to potential buyers. New lighting fixtures can instantly transform a room, and new lighting throughout your home can give your entire house a more modern, updated feel. Prospective buyers may appreciate the fact that your house appears newer, and will take this in consideration when making a decision on home buying. Updated lighting may give your house a leg up on other homes in the area, possibly causing it to sell quicker than other homes with outdated fixtures.

Impacting Energy Efficiency
New technologies in lighting can reduce your household energy use, and thus your energy bills. New CLF and LED bulb fixtures are much more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs. Consider incorporating natural lighting to your new lighting plans; removing heavy window coverings, enlarging windows, or adding skylights can all make a room feel more open and airy. This can also lessen the need for excess artificial lighting. If you decide to install new windows, use lowE or other energy efficient glass. LowE glass blocks UV rays, preventing fading of your fabrics and furniture, and helping maintain the temperature inside your house. Heating lights can be installed to warm your bathroom while you are showering or using the tub. This prevents the need to crank up the heat throughout the entire house just to warm one room. /p>

Impacting Convenience
If you did not have your home custom-built, the lighting may not be located where you want or need it. Even if you did have a say in the placement of lighting, your needs change over time. Remodeling allows you not only to place the lights exactly where you’d like them, but it gives you a chance to choose locations for the switches. You may want a more conveniently placed switch for work lights in the kitchen, or a three way switch for the overhead light in the living room, or a switch-controlled reading lamp by your favorite easy chair. You could even add outdoor lighting to your patio area to create an outdoor entertainment area. Review your ideas with your electrician, as they may be able to accommodate all of your needs.

Impacting Your Style
Remodeling your lighting can also enhance your décor and style in your home. Most likely, you’ve developed your own style in your home with furniture, wall hangings, and decorative pieces. Your lighting may be the only thing that doesn’t fit in. By remodeling, you can pick fixtures and placement that reflect your tastes. New lighting may add the finishing touch to your home’s décor.

If your lighting isn’t exactly the way you’d like it to be, consider remodeling. You may be surprised at the positive effects it will have on your house. Choosing the exact type, location, and position of your light fixtures allows you to create a style unique to your home.

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